Best 2015 Diet for men and women.

Recommended are daily intake of vitamin Me. They are very essential and need to be taken regardless of how you are feeling about yourself. Vitamin Me is found in contents such as: I am beautiful, I am talented, I am fabulous, I am strong, courageous, able, joyful, handsome… It is taken by repeatedly saying more of these compliments to yourself very first thing in the morning before taking anything else.

Followed by 5 minutes of mind exercise which requires standing in front of the mirror and acknowledging yourself . It’s okay if at first you flinch. Exercise your mind to receive you, appreciate you and remove all the mental pictures you have of a perfect you, don’t be anyone else, don’t try to have anyone’s body, just be and see you. To shed the unwanted pounds, wean yourself off all the negative and wrong thoughts about who you see infront of you .

Other key nutrients include “nutrients of concern” . Because many people get too little, this needs to be taken as you get by the day, find the good in others and compliment it, compliment their looks, their hardwork, the effort…Seeing the goodness in others liberates you to see the beauty in you too.

This diet guarantees you best results within 28 days of daily practice.

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