What’s in your hand?

This was my best lesson at the beginning of the week.

We all have that feeling of inadequacy.
Last week I felt that way when I was thinking of the business to venture into and things I had to do. They seemed of little value as compared to what I had in mind.

From the story of Moses and the Burning bush, Moses was called by God to go do something greater than himself. I like the part where God asks him “What is that on your hand? ” and Moses answers “A staff”. We know a staff is a stick that aids in walking, yet it was that stick that God purposed to use.

Some things seem like that, just a stick, small, not so significant but they are the ones that propel us up. So, whatever is on your hand to do, do to your best. Do not look down at the people and things around you,don’t also look down on yourself or your situation, use every small opportunity and remember a bird at hand is worth two in the bush.

“In every area of our lives, the Lord asks, “What’s in your hand?” He just wants us to recognize the gifts He’s given us. We should have our eyes wide open and thankful hearts. There are bountiful blessings in our hands. There are families and children, friendships and opportunities, abilities, creativity and time! All so precious! Do we see all that is in our hands? Read more

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