quiet times

Today I woke up to listen to T.D Jakes, in his sermon he spoke about the book of Joshua.
“The book of Joshua isn’t for the weak” ,he said. ” It is for those that are ready to inherit their promises”. Those that are ready to fight the battle and follow the right path to their destiny. This hit me hard because it was evident in my life back when I was faced with a tough choice.
We had closed school for long holiday and that meant that we had to clear out of the hostels and go home. For a person who lives very far from the city and one who loves hype and raves, it was very depressing to leave everything behind. I tried to look for ways to prolong my stay like crashing at a friends but deep down I knew it was time to make some changes, life in raves and all the hype was not building me up by any means, I mean, I had no time for myself, no time for new and creative ideas…It was time to grow up! I did not know what to expect from the life different lifestyle I used to, I was frightened of course, it’s the book of Joshua that assured me. It gave me confidence about the choice I was making and gave me the strength, the will, the peace and joy I needed. It turned out to be the a life changing 6 months of my life when I went home and when I came back to school the next semester, my outlook on life had totally changed. I had evolved. I was a different person. I had grown.

“I repeat, be strong and brave! Don’t be afraid and don’t panic, for I, the Lord your God, am with you in all you do.” Joshua 1:9

I was more aware of myself, had a voice of my own and needed no validation from anyone. I was wiser and very quick in making my own decisions, I definitely dropped some toxic relationships and made new ones. I was able to overcome depression because of the peace and healing I experienced rising above all sadness and restlessness. Raving every other weekend was also replaced with other fun,creative and profitable leisure but the most beautiful thing that happened in that quiet holiday alone was hearing the voice of God, something I would have never heard with the “noise” I was used to.

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