big girl

Yes, God cannot be confined in our pockets. Many times I have tried to do just that and I have limited myself and life. But after listening to the song “Small” by J.J Heller Here on Youtube, This is what I have decided:

Let your will be done Lord. God’s plans for me is ENORMOUS! I grumble most times my prayer is not answered the way I expected. Forgive me Lord, how limited is my knowledge, my mind and my vision, I cannot see tomorrow like you do, I do not know my full potential and how far I can be stretched.
There are so many things I don’t understand about you and I get frustrated, forgive me Lord. I realize that I cannot seek you and find you in a day, you are way BIGGER, your love is far than the east is from the west.

What a small world I have created for myself. It’s now okay if You move me out of my comfort zone. It’s now okay if I don’t understand some things rather than try to fit them in my little manual.

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