I see you

I see you

And you are beautiful

Through the trauma that you have faced

Through the mountains and through the sand

I see your strength

I see your pain

I know what you are all about

Outside Beauty doesn’t move you

Strength does

Money doesn’t move you

Purpose does

And if they don’t get it

I do get it

They say


Be open minded

But when the pain comes

No one stands by you the way you do

No one feels the pain the way you do

This journey is mine


None can see it as much as I do

None can walk with me

They can easen the load

But in the morning when I wake up

I wake up fully

With all my strength

And at night when I sleep

I invite peace in my heart

I wonder if anyone else sees me

I wonder if all this is just a joke to someone else

Av passed through shit

Trauma and pain

I was there

They weren’t

Not fully

And after all this

What is next?

Who am I ?

Who am I ?

Am I defined by my pain

Am I defined by my past

Who am I

So I give cheers to me

For being brave for being strong

For being alive again

For feeling better

For coming around

For taking care of myself

By allowing myself to go through the process

For not hiding

For allowing others to see me

For being vulnerable

For being real

For wants better

For being me

I want a better life

I want better people

I want better things

I want laughter and I want joy

I drive myself crazy

I have a lot to learn

And already been through a lot

When does it end

Am I causing pain to myself

By being me

Yes and No

Who else Can I be

At the end of the day

All I want is to see me laugh and be warm

That’s what I want

Because I love myself

I do

And I wish nothing but the best for me


Let go of the past baby

Let not the past traumatize you

You are stronger than you think

Yes you can handle the future

You can only tell it

Bring it on

And remember you don’t have to fight alone

I know you fell like you’ve been alone

And you are working hard not to let history repeat itself but

You are not alone

You have never been alone

Don’t blame yourself

Don’t want to be perfect

Let them come and go

Don’t let them define you

Don’t let them tell you that you don’t love yourself

Don’t beat yourself up pretty


Just don’t

Then maybe in your stillness

You will see yourself

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