Product of the system

Being a product of the system means one has been programmed to behave in a certain ( most times common) way in life. Since the time we get to school when we were little children, we are prepared to follow certain rules and behave in a certain way. In our country where art and craft became subjects no longer taught in schools and humanity lessons were not seen as profitable and life skills classes taken as a waste of time in the name of competition, people failed to embrace creativity and innovation. Now with the coming of computer age, minds and perspectives changed.

It takes one to open their eyes and be set free. It takes courage to challenge norms.

Great people stand out because they never went with the masses. People who overcame great odds and resistance were people who believed in themselves. They were bold and courageous to step out and live fully.

So cheers to those called complicated, those called weird, those called mad, those not understood, those punished, those getting strong and those resisting the tongues and finger raised against them to keep quiet but instead get louder. Like me.

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