LIVING CREATIVELY. Book review. (Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert)

This is a book written in 2015, this was the time I was intentionally making efforts towards Becoming Me. The creative me. To bring out my talents, my joys and my peace. Now, let me say that becoming that required courage.

She is so right in Chapter One, and I can’t believe how right she is so much that Courage was the first thing she decided to pen down as the first chapter before any other thing. See below what she says


Just wow! She even admits…you don’t need the book.

If you have courage …you are there. Don’t even read the book coz it will bore you as she says. I found it boring at first but since this is the season in my life where courage is being tested, I had the interest.

It makes so much sense that she chooses to discuss courage, because if you have courage, you have everything. It is the currency. So let me keep on perusing.

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