How God provides in the wilderness.

So apparently, the wilderness package is usually there, it’s just for you to be strong and courageous.

During the university period time when God separated me from friends who I noticed were not even on my side during this difficult time I went through recently which I call the wilderness, I used to read a lot about Joshua in the Bible.

I used to find it weird that God was like always emphasizing about Courage and Strength ..he was like, “blablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla but BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS”. He repeated about strength and courage like 3 times. Now I know why. Having gone through what I have gone through this couple of months, I know why.

I had a major fall out with family which saw me lose my family and support system. I moved from house to house seeking shelter from “friends” and eventually I was out in the streets for a week.

Let me tell you how God provided during that period of homelessness and out in the streets which I call wilderness.😜

First let me talk about the Lord’s Prayer where we say “Give us this day our Daily Bread”, coz it was a mantra for me in that difficult time. Seems like people like to pray it but when God answers that prayer..that part! YOU WILL RELAX hihi😬

Earlier, I said that we enter wilderness already sorted so really it’s a test of trust. If you trust, you will be able to be happy here and there in your wilderness like me. I could afford to dance, some people cry hihi. It will be pleasant. It can also be pleasant if you stay positive and have compassion on yourself, negative Bitches never see heaven. It is human to go through these circumstances btw and even if others judge, who gives a…I knew I will be out. Btw that is the thing one should know..there is nothing permanent, YOU WILL GET OUT OF THAT SITUATION. Don’t care how but you will. It will seem like you won’t and there is no way ,but you will get out . It’s like life has a way of working out a change. That’s when you will know there is God, especially if you already know or were seeking him, you will find him in these situations.

So after that major fall out with family, I had no place to go as I had been staying at home. My “friends” who I thought would help me abandoned me. I stayed with few people here and there but eventually I had nowhere to stay and I went and parked at a night club’s sofa. I stayed there for 6 days. No money, nothing.

During these 6 days, the waiters working there served me food daily and even gave me a blanket to cover myself coz of the cold at night. They don’t even know me remember that. After the 6th day I was told humbly by the waiters to get out as I would get into trouble with management. With no place to go, I was outside again.

Suddenly! somebody say suddenly, when I had just got outside wondering what to do next, I get a phone call from a colleague I used to work with a long time ago and she says God had sent her to call me…

God provides and he usually communicates how he will provide. Like for example, as I was parking at that club’s sofa afraid I will be thrown out, coz I had no money to buy food there or even get a room , I saw a vision of ‘bread’. A slight passing vision.

It is very easy to dismiss what God is saying. I even remember asking myself even if it is bread, can one bread sustain me even for more than a day? But as the night progressed, nobody chased me away and one of the waiters even cooked me food and brought me to eat with respect waking me up calling me “madam” and later came for my plate when I finished. For six days they did this with respect. Pleasant isn’t it? What a favor!..The rest of you Bitches will die😆

So even without money or anything I trusted God. I am prayerful. I knew I would pass through this but I didn’t know it would be this intense to the point of being out in the streets.

God is abundance. It will not run out. It never ran out for me until help and stability came. Like that widow of Zarephath’s oil and flour. I always had me credit for phone calls and even some money to push me through.

Help never comes how we think. God is always on some NEW THINGS. Be open because he is MIGHTY to save.

Let’s continue with the story. It’s so juicy.

So after sheltering at that hotel for 6 days, I left in the morning as I didn’t want any trouble and I was outside in the June-July cold of Nairobi not really afraid but more of concerned. Then I hear my phone ringing. I see a familiar number and I answer.

I had been asking God what next and here was the answer.

She talked to me “Racheal, Hi, can we meet?” She asked me where I was.

She asked if we could meet up. I had known her way before as a colleague we had worked together with a long time ago. With her, it’s usually business, she also hears from God so I can take her seriously. I was taking tea at some restaurant at that time she called. When I told her I was taking tea, she asked if she can buy me another cup. She suggested a very posh restaurant in Nairobi, Westlands, and I knew there was something today in the House of the Lord.

When we met, each of us was nervous not knowing what was up. I also wanted to use that opportunity to reach out to her about what I was going through but I was afraid maybe she had heard rumors about me and had come to torment me like some other friends I knew.

We sat down and started talking immediately. She is as bold as me so the conversation was precise and to the point. I asked her why she called me and she told me I should tell her because my name had been ringing on her mind that whole week and she couldn’t help but call.

God had told her to call me!

Turns out she could even help as she had an empty room at her big home which is in the suburbs, a wealthy neighborhood of Nairobi.

Long story short. I have just come today from a walk around that neighborhood. I love the trees and birds and finding peace in nature. I even carried some flowers which I plucked on the way. I came back to the house and found some hot supper ready for me.

I will remember to thank the Lord.

I saw this portrait in the hotel while I was taking tea like a boss when I got the phone call.
Pretty much symbolic for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.


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