That’s growth!

For a human to feel happy they need to see growth and progress in life. Hence the need expand, dominate and establish.

According to Maslow, the famous psychologist, humans are motivated to fulfill their different levels of needs and wants by seeking fulfillment and change through personal growth.

No growth= unhappiness, discontentment

Recently, I was put in a situation where I had to grow and stand up for myself, for my opinion and choices to be respected. But I was afraid to speak up. I knew eventually I will blast out coz of suppressed expressions and therefore I needed to confront the situation early.

It’s not that I don’t normally stand up for myself, the thing is, sometimes I don’t have the strength energy or motivation to directly combat the situation as it comes because of how big the challenge appears and how vulnerable I am at that time. I said appear because fear is a mental construct. At such times I lay low and keep my distance(hide) which is so frustrating coz I give the antagonist power to offend me more. But I pray.

One way or another I have to do it, face it and grow.

Every plant in the planet has its own pattern of growth. Some shoot out quickly and go up, while others prefer to keep it on the low and spread. All in all, there is growth. They grow, seen or unseen, conspicuous or inconspicuous. Soon it is seen.

Some of my growth has been underground. Like me in the room crying, praying, looking for internal strength to confront situations. Laying low for a while. I may wish to confront immediately and to appear giant dreadful like a tree which blooms fast upwards, but even on the low, I can make a huge impact.

I will grow.

And spread.

Rising above trees.

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