Self care day turned sour.

The way I was looking forward to this Saturday!

I woke up feeling very well rested. I had done some stretches the night before and took a long nice shower afterwards said grace and went to bed. I had exciting things planned out the next day as it was to be my self care Saturday.

I wanted to wake up to an easy morning. So I made the dough for breakfast earlier so that when I wake up it will just be dipping it. I had plans to take my breakfast outside on a nice beautiful spot while listening to a music and later write my blog as I relax.

Little did I know, my long lost friend, the Devil, was busy prowling the earth looking for whom to devour.

I am up to good things this year, especially with my blogging and vlogging. I want to dive deep in the revelation of what God has for me.

I woke up fresh, went outside, it was a lovely sunny day, spent time singing on top of my voice and moving around before going to prepare breakfast. I had identified a spot where set I could set my breakfast and take it with peace, joy and thanksgiving.

Everything was perfect!

Just look at that!!!

The devil was on the move too!

No sooner had I sat down to eat than I knocked over my cup of tea making a pool around me.

The houseflies didn’t even spare me a second, they came in like a flood😾.

I just sat there, wondering what is life, as the tea. Have I not suffered enough?

I was disgruntled, hungry, mood for the day gone down the drain, sitting in a hub for flies.

I just wanted to throw that cup and smash it to pieces. That would really have helped.

I thought of another spot I could create but that was my only mat and this was the spot I felt I vibrated in best. I had even plucked a flower to mark my territory and give it my touch. Goddddd!

After sitting there thinking nothing, I rose up, went and made more tea. This time stronger. Double shots.

I looked for another space I could create a spot to vibrate in all the good ass pranas but in vain.

There was no way I was gonna go inside. I therefore took drapes and covered the area covered with tea spills, some had even spilled on one of my pillows. I now had additional chore in my list. Wash. Keep in mind I had washed all my clothes the day before. This was supposed to be my perfect day!

I quickly heeded to the advice of my ancestors: a hungry man is an angry man, and took my breakfast very fast before things escalated.



I am not complaining though, I got something more interesting to blog about out of it.

Yesterday night, I had done a lot of soul searching as I was prepping for today. I had opened my heart to receive instructions and confidence from the Lord. I had wanted today to be special. Even the date, 22/2022, said it was gonna be special. A lot of twos is a sign and so I paid attention and wanted to tune in.

Now, the devil, prowling around, saw someone shining bright like a diamond and asked, “Is that Superstar? She is still alive!” and came to see what I was up and about doing so that he could frustrate it as usual.

Finding me already tested, tried and there was nothing else he could do, sneered at me and kicked my cup. Clearly he did. I know that guy.

He is probably somewhere now, better for his business, of killing , stealing and destroying.

This clearly is my confirmation that my impact is big, am doing well and nothing can stop me. That me enjoying my day is something precious and that my blogs are something I need to stick with it.

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