Think about death, then work backwards.

A wise person thinks about death, but a fool thinks only about having a good time. Ecclesiastes 7:4

Death helps me live in my purpose.

There is no sting in death if you die in Christ every day overcoming adversities.

Death also helps me relax knowing that things could get worse and helps me not pay attention to trivial matters.

I was 30 years old when the knowledge that death is so much part of life hit me. I saw it among my peers. How their carefree nature all of a sudden shifted to extra careful. Maybe they didn’t know, but I could see and I knew why as a person who reflects. They became more “responsible” in life , but I choose to become even more “careless” reason: Death; the same force driving them.

I had a friend younger than me and so when she hit 29 I witnessed fair and square this crisis happen to her, which happens around that age. She was no longer comfortable with issues that were not in her control. She couldn’t sit still if being driven in a car, knowing that death lurked everywhere, hihihihi. We used to be the kings and queens of parties and dare devils with this one. Look at her now…holding on to dear life, as if one can. I also was afraid when I hit that age but I took a long examination of myself, of life and death, the things people fear discussing, and made my decision.

The knowledge of death ought to free me more, not hold me back or take me even further back by crippling me with fear.

Many Christians, even after Christ died and the power of resurrection working in us daily, still live careful. No taking risks. It’s cowardice.

Many have become fearful and have followed the common path which has safety in numbers but live boring, dead lives, choosing death…after fearing death.

For this reason many people have held on to worldly security and identities that their things offer them and they don’t have an identity anywhere above. That’s why few get to live beautiful, joyous free lives that has nothing to do with things. Meaning, you are above things. Being free.

Living free is hard because there is so much against it. It is going against the system.

Death helps me focus on abundance which is more than money and things.

So think about death and you will be free. You will get the wisdom to move you out of the false comfort and security because no matter what, death will come one day.

Btw, did I tell you I hear from the spirit of God? The spirit loves free people. It also loves freeing people.

I started looking for my purpose deeply coz I was no longer afraid of death but I was more afraid of not living fully coz of being scared of death. By all means I started writing and doing YouTube coz I am called to speak. I wasn’t understood by others and hated by others and rejected even by family. It doesn’t matter even coz reason: death. When I die one day, life will move on, they will replace your job position even before your blood goes cold. Tihihi, So I better follow my heart and make a legacy coz it will matter to me.

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