African hair and its beauty.

Most African don’t know how how their real hairs is like and how it behaves. African hair is a bush..or a forest. It is not a sisal, like Caucasian hair. It’s a bush and a forest of its own.

Many Africans cannot tolerate, appreciate or handle their hair in its natural form.

In order to appreciate your hair you need to see it for what it is in its rawest form. We cover our African hair with all kinds of extensions and braids almost always and never interact with it no wonder the distress when we are left alone with it.

When we take a look at our hair in its natural form we don’t see it, because in our minds we are cringing.

How many can really look at their natural African hair without wanting to do something to change it immediately.

Since we have been children we have been taught that our hairs need to straight for it to be beautiful and acceptable. And in order to do that, there is need to correct it’s texture from curly to straight using heat. The pain I have undergone to meet this standards of beauty is cringeworthy.

So instead of really seeing what it is, we see something else…How it can be corrected! Who said it needs to be done something about! We see hate, detest and shame African hair.

African hair is a beauty to behold in its own. Only poetry, songs, ululation and drums can sing its hallelujah⭐️

We never get to awe at it’s beauty because of beauty standard’s bias.

This is called conditioning, and it is very difficult to break the years of conditioning on us unless by the renewal of mind from the lies and oppression.

For example, take a person with self loathe who wants to lose weight. After a long time of self hate, even though they lose weight, they can fail to see or appreciate their body changes when they look at the mirror because the mind is still clouded with the self loath and retains the past picture. People around them can see but them they can’t see. Can you think about that. It is serious! How come one is looking but can’t see. How come?

When you look at that African hair, at its natural state, if it is not beauty you are seeing, then one:

1. Practice self love.

The more you appreciate yourself; skin color, language, size etc the more you will appreciate other things about you and your hair goes with it.

I usually marvel at the beauty of my natural African hair. It wasn’t always like this. It took years to appreciate even myself and eventually my hair.

2. Have an eye for seeing beauty and art.

We were made differently. That’s the beauty. So see each difference not in comparison to, but independently. I had to take a good look at everything about African; the different types(mine’s 4C), colour, texture, size and even the African culture to see truly how rich black is. It is so beautiful..and diverse.

4. Get comfortable with your hair.

We need to befriend our hair again. We have been taught and have been practicing to hate it for a long time.

It is amazing how we cover our hair when we sleep, it’s to protect it I know, but mostly it is to remove it from our sight and mind. It is like a load that need to be covered and forgotten as we sleep. But slowly by slowly introduce your hair to your space. I usually let my hair open on some days when I sleep. It won’t tangle in a day or two incase you are wondering.

5. Look at your hair.

Truly, look at it. Go to the mirror at its natural state and look at it. Let it tell you and show you who it is. Does it coil, is it hard, does it stand instead of laying down? See it. Don’t change anything, don’t imagine any other thing or wish how it could be, just see it. Look at it. Naturally. The cringing and uncomfortable feeling and judgment will ease with time.

6. Understand your hair.

African hair loves moisture. I spray mine with water everyday. We feel as if our hair is a lot of work but it is because we have not been raised to handle. We have always hidden our hair under braids, weaves and relaxers hence having little or no idea about its behaviors and patterns. I have had my hair natural and open for the longest time and now it takes me few minutes to make and style it in the morning, something that would overwhelm many to do. I can come up with so many style. People wow at it everytime they see it and I wanna share the secret with you.

When it comes to styling my hair, I usually take a good look at it and it gives me the idea of how it should be styled. When I wake up, I see it as beauty even when rugged. And that’s the thing, work with it, that’s how I come up with many styles. I let the hair speak to me. I just look at it and I see and work with the patterns of how it has come out for the day after I woke up. That’s why I love my African hair. It has a mind of its own, I don’t make it straight all the time, I do minimum, spritz it with water, put a clip here and there, but mostly I let it take it’s course..

It’s is all about confidence baybee!

For example, since I sleep with my hair in ‘matutas’ or big twist before I sleep, I usually appreciate the curls when I undo the twists in the morning. I may pin some bits or stretch some bits but mostly I work with it curly.

For example on the photo above. The night before I had twisted the sections of the hair as you can see it still looks sectioned and when I woke up I just sprayed water and undid the twisted chunks. I let the twists to be the style . As you can see the front part is not as defined coz I messed with it trying to undo the twist more but my heart was telling me nooo leave it. If I had not touched it it would have been well defined like that middle part. Even the back I touched a little, but I now know better to trust what my hair is saying.

Above is the twists I tell you about. It can go from day to night protective style. It can be thick or thin depending on you.

7. Choose a day to stay with your hair just like that.

People are always afraid to let their hair be because it will tangle. Of course it will, infact I usually wear my hair tangled in public coz it is also a style,. I just spray it with water and go and people as usual complement it all wowed. Our hair carry glory, people see it.

It takes at least a week for it to tangle though, if left on its own. And for me to detangle it, I only need to spritz enough water on it and detangle with my hands. That’s all. Or wash with conditioner while combing it out.

The one blunder one could do with natural hair, the worst actually, is to wash it completely with too much shampoo hence drying it of its natural oil. That one will leave your hair to tangle and lock. It will lock, leave alone tangling, Lock! I have found myself thrice in this situation and it was R.I.P for me😆. The situation can still be redeemed with patience in detangling but it is that; A situation.

And finally,

8. Hair is ART.

Play with it!


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