Taking the battle to the enemy.

Today is the day I am taking the battle to the enemy. I am resolute God has gone before me, I just need to show up.

We read in the Bible about the people who took the battle to the enemy. David was the best. A young boy who.. who.. who couldn’t even fit in the soldiers uniform yet took 5 stones and ran to Goliath, a giant, trained militia, with shields and armor covering his entire body weighing over hundreds of kilos…I mean, looking at that guy you just go home. But David ran to him and Only one stone did the job. One stone! Praise be to God!

Did you know God knows the weak spots of the enemy. In all the shields and armor covering Goliath there was a spot on the face, which was opened at least to breath fresh air and only a stone would be the best medicine. David was not a trained militia, he was a shepherd tending after sheep and maybe while on the field would scare animals with his sling hence gaining expertise. Can you see the wisdom of God. He will use what you have. So be yourself..you have it.

In 2Kings 7:3-8, there was famine in the land of Samaria during the time of Elisha. Some four leprous men thought to themselves that they better die going to the enemy to get food as they were dead anyway staying in starvation. So they went and as they were going God made their coming sound like an army approaching and the enemies in that camp fled even before they made sure who it was, leaving food. God usually uses the worst imaginations and assumptions of the enemy to make them fear and flee before you. Your work is just to go.

It is such a small thing for God to save he even says it.

The enemy is usually a million times afraid of you than you know. A million! I have seen this when I decide to confront people. Their evils usually speaks against them and goes before them. They may act like they are strong outside but in the spirit they are defeated.

The enemy usually hides how fearful they are but are usually afraid of you to death.

Most of them are toothless lions. Roaring with no teeth.

The best way to see them is in the spirit. I have seen in my dreams the state of a person even when they are hiding behind facade and show. How awsome is that! The Spirit of God reveals their true state and I usually see how weak and frail they are and know that battle is already won. So I just laugh when they come with all their roars. Too much noise..too much noise. They love noise those ones.

That’s why God’s tip has always been “Have no fear!” All the time God just advises us that. All the time. Coz really it is just that, fear, that is holding us back.

God usually provides instrunctions on how to take the battle to the enemy. Some days he will just tell you to sing and praise him. For example in the case of the walls of Jericho. He told them to just sing and go round it for seven days. Seven is the number of the Spirit. He was saying that it is not by might, nor by power but the spirit. So don’t look at your inadequacy.

Some days God will tell you to go for battle. When Joshua was going to battle God told him his army was too big so he wanted to reduce the number to only 300 people lest they thought it was their numbers that saved them. What God is saying is that we need only him and we good to go. Quality over quantity.

The equation is like: God+nothing = everything

You are good to go!

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