How I started speaking in tongues.

All the time I pray for anything, God gives me the Holy Spirit. I pray for a car, Holy Spirit, a house, Holy Spirit, a boyfriend, Holy Spirit, until I told God one day, please enough with water!! I want my answers.

It is never by might nor by power but by the Holy Spirit. Zechariah 4:6

I remember when the Holy Spirit first fell on me with the indications of speaking in tongues. I had cleared campus and after months of being grumpy at home wondering what next I decided to join the church and be of service. I joined the worship team and truly my grumpiness stopped coz it was demanding and on top of that I was also undergoing a discipleship program. I grew in ways I couldn’t see at that time. This Jesus is amazing.

Months passed and I got used to what seemed hard in the beginning and monotony started to show itself again followed with grumpiness. I wanted the next thing, next direction from God. What is for me in this world, work, ministry? I am a person who is intentional in life and loves purpose and finding meaning which has made me difficult to figure out by others which is fine coz finally as I am writing this I got exactly what I was trying to figure out all my life. Jesus. My true north.

Anyway, in my monotony I prayed to God and after a long period of not answering according to me, He revealed himself on a Wednesday I remember very well coz we have evening mid week service every Wednesday. I had gone to town in the morning to do somethings and in the afternoon as I was waiting for bus back to go practice for the evening service i decided to check the second hand books being hawked by the pavement and for some reason I was attracted to this small book that was talking about the Holy Spirit at the cover title. I picked it up, fundled through it and I hear a voice in my head telling me Holy Spirit is coming today.

Now now cannot imagine what I answered pertaining that voice. Yes I normally hear the Spirit but it never hits me until later. I was working in the flesh and I replied to myself that it is too late to start praying for the Holy Spirit as it is already evening and for such a move to happen I needed to have started praying in the morning. Smh. So I let that thought go and quickly returned the book and got on the bus to go deal with more realistic things😌. I wish the Holy Spirit would be announcing he was the one speaking coz that guy comes like a thief ☺️ ..and the sheep know his voice.

I get in the bus and straight to church. I wasn’t the only one who was tired I could see the boredom in the worship team and for sometime now.

After worship we sat down for the teaching and that night the pastor was speaking about anointing oil and had even come with one to demonstrate. So she told us to apply on ourselves, I was so not to it.

No sooner had I put my oiled tip of my hands on my head sides than I felt something inside my head fall. I was so startled that I screamed as that is the only thing I could express. The pastor seeing what was happening asked us to open our mouth and speak in tongues and I did it for the first time. I just said whatever came in my mouth without trying to figure out what or where it is coming from.

Things changed from that time onwards. Physically my stomach pains stopped. It had been so inconveniencing, this discomforts of stomach upsets whenever I eat anywhere other than home. Spiritually I was now carrying a presence because strangers would just talk to me at the road or in the bus and even open up to me on whatever was stressing them. I started to notice that people were attracted to me.

This was just the beginning…


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