The seers at my new church

I joined a new church on Sunday since moving to a new location and it is God who gave me the wisdom to join a church as I haven’t been to church for like 5 years coz some church wounds cut deep but our Papa in heaven knows how to take us right back washed, healed and cleaned.

He knows how to take care of his church now. So today, being a Tuesday I went to church for the evening prayer service as per the brochure I was given on Sunday when I lifted my hand when they made a call for first time visitors. I had vowed not to raise my hand but I think it is time I get back to the loud me. Furthermore, it is God who told me to go to that church, won’t be in vain, and I also join worship team which I did very fast. Can you believe that the worship leader was the same person I was with in the worship team in my other church 5 years ago. God is just funny.

So today after that prayer service the pastor asked if anyone has a testimony…of course I had one. I have been sharing here over and over how God got me out of the streets where I was homeless and since I want to be loud, I raised my hand and I shared that story. That testimony is so strong people were clapping at every coma.

But that’s not the thing, I needed an uplifting coz I am presently trusting God to do another move in a specific situation. So as I shared my story of how Jesus had parted the Red Sea right infront of my eyes I added that I really wanted God to come through in a particular area and even before I finished everyone just responded to me alarmingly. I remember looking around and it’s like they could see it happening, no doubt, it’s a yes for me.

Man, I rested my case and went back to my seat.

Can you imagine what that did to me. ..God gave me a multitude of witness..that’s what He did. They responded from the Spirit of revelation that my story gave them and in turn gave me my answer to my question, in the same knowledge of the unchageable God. And the look on their faces, as they said it and their eyes wide open..I felt so seen for. They saw for me.

Lovely King, you are beautiful.


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