Testimony Tuesday

Healed from hemorrhoids.

Not only have I faced a painful life over the past three years where my family separated from me curtesy of Christian life, but I have suffered from painful hemorrhoids since that begun. Some days I could manage it with aloe Vera water I got from the supermarket but some days it could get to a point where my body would shake out of pain. It wasn’t an every day thing but it would get worse with pressure from life coz pressure is manifested out in our body.

This week is when I noticed after all those months..years, of crying to God for healing is when I started seeing no pain when I go for long calls. Funny enough I had the worst constipation yet I had no hemorrhoids. This makes me think that it gets worse when healing is around the corner, I almost concentrated on that constipation out of nowhere and it hit me later that I have not been having hemorrhoids pain. Devil and his devices. I didn’t have money for surgery, I also didn’t want surgery, I felt it could heal. I want to close that chapter now. I know when a chapter is closing. God it is good that you heard me.

I am so happy about this because it is a tear that God, Him, has remembered. I feel visited. I was thinking about it why did God choose this week. Why didn’t he answer the first day. He let me keep asking and asking and asking but I am so happy that he did it. I am glad I was aware when it happened so that I can catch a glimpse of him. I feel visited. I feel like a child who after crying for a lollipop has finally been given. It has really encouraged me, I want to go cry aloud like a child about some other things.


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