It is not over till God says it’s over.

You will not die, you will live to proclaim the praises of God.

After being homeless, God provided me a place to stay where he made sure my rent was paid month in month out. It was a permanent sign. I was now worried only about how I would eat. I had no job. It was so difficult asking people for money. Man.. There are those who had waited for a long time for this opportunity. Some were men who wanted you know what, others were friends who just rejoiced in my suffering. Like David, I prayed that they will not get to utterly rejoice. Some shamed me for seeking for help so that I would instead just die…but they just didn’t know God…I also didn’t know God.

God said that he makes the bed of the sick, a Rhema word he gave me because he knew the situation. I didn’t like that word at all! Infact, I dispised it when I read it as I was looking for encouragement from the Bible that day, but it kept ringing true. To say the truth, I could feel what God was saying about how my situation was gonna be and it was not something I could accept.

I used to wonder what dying to the flesh means and here was an apportunity God was going to show me.

I thought I had died when I was homeless but it seems God was like naaaa, we can do better than that. I died over and over and over, daily, praising God not knowing if I will be back in the streets or how I would get the next meal. It was hard. There is a day I stayed 2 days without eating and God spoke to me about the way he had opened. Clearly he had, all I needed to do was gather my strength and know that I was going to live and not die.

I would wake up in the morning and remove every doubt that he was indeed going to provide and I would clean my house and do what I needed to do and call that friend. Amongst many no’s and rejection, there was a yes. The Yes that God had prepared. And I followed these Yeses and ignored all the no’s until I overcame. Amen! It was now evident that He would provide. Everyday Satan saw me waking up and making my bed, showering and ready for the day and he was sad sad sad that I had hope. The Devil was defeated.

I didn’t have physical strength. Which one? It was not there. One is usually paralysed at this point. You have no money no food and no place to turn to? It’s death to flesh..the death that He was talking about. Joy and Hope became my strength.

This Joy is no joke. I could rejoice in nothing. There was no human reason for living this terrible life but Christ was alive. Infact he was so alive over circumstances I stopped worrying about where to get my next meal, I started wondering about other things, like who Jesus really is. I was sure I would eat like the people who had money. I was even more sure, because mine was founded on a solid rock.

I was becoming much better internally and when I got strength and psyke I finally put up curtains in my house. This was months after I had moved in. It had been that bad. I didn’t have strength to even clean the house, who cares about curtains. I didn’t even own curtains but I had unused bedsheets and creativity.

The Devil nearly killed himself when he saw I was now decorating🥳🥳

I say the truth Jesus is life. I had no life and yet I was the most joyful and the most provided for. There is nothing we need in this life. Only Him. Man cannot live by bread alone BUT by every word. I am alive today just coz of living by the word.

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