New Thing.

Isaiah 43:18-19

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

This verse actually starts by saying “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old” I am doing a new thing.

A new thing.

That is my encouragement to you this day..this new year. God is always on new things, always! Always. Always. Always.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning angry and depressed that things are not changing but then I remember His mercies are new every morning and this may be the day He will change that situation, I am sent into a dance.

Yesterday I wrote about my being homeless and how I got a house and someone paying for me and all I had left to care about was getting food. It was such an excruciating time but I still amazingly looked forward to a good life.

It was a slow process. I prayed for Him to get me out of the situation quickly, maybe give me a job, or even a husband or a destiny helper…but God is not in a hurry. Imagine!

All this time He was saying I am doing a new thing and that now it springs forth..Could I see it? Of course NOT. Yet I could see it.


As weeks passed to months, I realized my life was improving. Not kinda, it was improving, I just had to believe that He is good and His promises are Yeah and Amen. He was answering other prayers just to show me that he was around even though he wasn’t answering it once and for all. Soon, I beheld his goodness and I was no longer moved… Praise be to God! I entered into the New thing he was talking about…where you know that you know that you know.

You know, God could have taken me out of that situation immediately, but he took time coz there is no situation. There is never a situation. There is only God. I even stopped praying about the situation coz I had beheld Him. In his fullness!!! Everything else became nonsense. I started singing and making melody in my heart.

Then subtly and suddenly he answered that job prayer. I say subtly coz it didn’t take effort. The funny thing is that this is the kind of job he was moulding me for, coz you know God… I fell right into it. It found me where I was then. Where I was minding His business. I would share that story soon. All my transitions, I saw had provision to enable it. You would think I would lack bus fare to show up for my interviews. It was there…now in plenty even. He knows what He is doing our God.

It was hope that made my heart race when I imagined the possibilities of God. It was that feeling that I was made for this. It was that peace that surrounded me that I couldn’t explain why I could be peaceful at such a time. It was that knowledge that I am fine and will be fine. It was that faith that could move mountains. It was that small still voice that was making me still believe. It was that love that I knew I was loved by. It was that testimony of how He came through for me then when I was homeless. It was that fight that was still left in me, not in me though, but from another fierce source known as the Holy Spirit.


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