Still small voice.

I have been paying much attention to the still small voice and have been asking God to increase the volume as I go through my day but He hasn’t. It usually ranges from a gentle whisper in my heart to a small word/phrase in my head…That’s all. And he wants me to believe it…That’s God.

I have been thinking and wondering to myself how God would entrust a still small voice to a human being, in that, he will, and shall, pay attention to it. I mean, He is a God of thunder and lightening, isn’t he? I can easily pay attention to that, my intestines too will pay attention. Yet He knew what He was doing and still knows.

Before you get used to it, it seems stupid that a still small voice is what we should listen to and what should direct us. David in the Bible puts his whole army at the mercies of the still small voice all the time. The voice dictated whether they should go for war or not. And it turns out the small voice was right…all the time.

I see how easy it is to brush it off as a random word in mind but this is the Holy Spirit.. giving a today’s word, fresh from the mind of God, about that situation or that thing. Think about it. Actually squeeze it of all its juices.

When I was homeless and on the streets I would listen to the still small voice for navigation. It was the only thing I had left anyway.

The voice would tell me something and that thing would come to pass. That gave me confirmation that I was on the right path through this thickness and darkness. When Jesus says He is the way… LITERALLY! Please use Him.

A small wheel in the ship is what turns the whole ship. So is the still small voice of God, it has power such that it can turn the whole course of ones life. Even as a gentle whisper.

I have been surprised how my whole being is sure that God is speaking and just in one word or a passing phrase I am convinced beyond my understanding that it is something relevant and I pay attention and when suddenly what I had heard plays out in a scenario, I understand God was the one who was involved and I can’t take credit and am glad I paid attention and not dismissed his assurance.

This experiences usually shakes my core better than thunder and lighting.

Praise be to God.

Read Psalms 29.



  1. I love this post! It reminds me of an experience I had while a student at the University of Arizona. It was the first day of class and I did not know the campus at all. And it was huge. I had no idea where the building was that I was supposed to go to, for my class. I started listening to those little nudges and following them. Turn here, then there, then to the right…. Etc. This went on for blocks and blocks, probably almost a half an hour of walking. And, there before my eyes, was the building I needed! I was amazed. What a confidence builder that He is directing my every step!

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