Testimony Time.

Because there is alot to be grateful for! Psalms 103

There’s just so much I have seen God doing and as much as I am angry because of the heavy persecution I go through everyday for having the mark of Christ I am liking the benefits.

Benefit #1

I am alive eating and breathing. Just recently I was homeless and in the streets. I did not beg, He provided. David was right about not seeing the righteous forsaken nor His children begging for bread. This God I tell you is alive I promise you.

I was thinking today that the Devil seems to have won but He has been seeming to be winning since creation until bam! God reveals he is still boss. I was fearful that He would not come through but He did. God did.

Benefit #2

That I am living for an audience of one.

That’s right!The freedom I have experienced living for God only can’t be compared to anything. It is the ultimate freedom where the Spirit is literally your best friend, directs you and talks to you. Talk about carefree life. What can man do to me!?

Benefit #3. Overcoming

Christ said that in the last days people’s hearts would grow cold coz evil will increase. I am surprised how I have been able to forgive and even let go of people’s hurt. The world right now has become cold and people only care about themselves because they can’t move over hurts. Just recently I overcame the fear of some people hurting me. Now I am not looking over my shoulder. I have even learnt to love my enemies.

Benefit #5. I got my dream job.

Who would have thought God can just bring it. Exactly what I was made for. I wasn’t sure about it at first but discovered that it had been brought and tailor made for me ‘for such a time like this’. WHO IS GOD?!!! He elevated me. Amen!

Benefit #6


Oh my papa! He has ravished me with so much health. This world has alot of warfare yet my health is still strong.No breakout of pimples no depression no prolonged or overwhelming anxiety even after repeated encounters with traumatic experience. No fear.

Benefit #7. Spirit of God.

Ohh my papa ohh how I love you Spirit of God. Best friend forever. He speaks to me I literally hear him in my ears. He tells me things to calm me. He is the greatest comforter and He has feelings.

Benefit #8. New Beginning

Early this year Jehovah Jireh said that He is giving me a new beginning. After being homeless and gone through the persecution that I have been through my mind cannot fathom what He has for me.

Benefit #9. Celebration time.

Celebration time come on. It’s time to celebrate, it’s time to celebrate, it’s time to celebrate, it is time to celebrate!

Benefit #10. JESUS.

The name.


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